I have accepted a position teaching grade 3 & 4 in September! This means my blog will take on a distinct new direction. Here are some of the curriculum topics we will explore:

grade 3 Science:

Exploring Soils; Plant Growth and Changes; Materials & Structures; Invisible Forces

grade 4 Science:

Habitats; Light; Sound; Rocks, Minerals & Erosion


I’m psyched up for this new adventure!



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long time long time it’s been a long time

Currently doing two author studies!

One: Patricia Polacco—so far we’ve read two stories. Thunder Cakes and the Graves Family. Tales about the other and fitting in and doing our best to be brave.

Two: Maile Meloy. This began as an ADULT fiction author study for me, then I discovered she also wrote some children’s books.



I read her short stories entitled “Both ways is the only way I want it.”

Beautiful title, beautiful book, heart heart heart.

Cannot wait to read these titles, coming soon via my beloved library:


love love love.  end of february. thaw my heart.

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Teachers of Nova Scotia

Check out the wordpress site by the same name. It is powerful and intimate.

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This is far and away my FAVOURITE most favourite favourite favourite children’s author of ALL TIME!!!  CYNTHIA RYLANT!  HIP HIP HOORAY, HIP HIP HOORAY, HIP HIP HOORAY!

Her characters are three-dimensional, they are close friends, they stay with us for a long time.  We look forward to the evening, when we lay down, turn on a lamp, and have another visit with Poppleton, or Jack and Bunny, or Henry and Mudge.  Also, each character has a unique voice, we hear it loud and clear! In our house, Bunny has a low, New York city accent while Jack speaks in a high, frenzied voice. Lovely books— all of them!


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Wow! A year since I posted? Inconceivable.

here are a selection of beautiful books from our beautiful local library


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Books to fall in LOVE with!!! Here is another good haul from the library.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.  Don’t you just LOOooooOoOOooove to read?  Me too!

DownloadedFileWe browsed the library’s Valentine themed table and found a few cute ones.  A Village Full of Valentines by James Stevenson is written like a mini book of short stories, weaving characters and story lines throughout.  A Book of Hugs and A Book of Kisses were both written by Dave Ross and illustrated by Laura Rader.  It’s not much to read, but is an undeniably adorable premise.



How much do I love Ezra Jack Keats?

So much!!!
Besides the iconic Snow Day, we’ve been reading Louie and A Letter to Amy.


At a time of year when many Canadians are dreaming of flying off to Mexico, we’ve been reading the book Just A Minute by Yuyi Morales.  It is a clever tale where granny outsmarts death with a fiesta.  Awesome!

DownloadedFile-1Daisy Gets Lost by Chris Raschka, not surprisingly, won a Caldecott Medal.  The art is outstanding!  I love books without words, it lets you ramble along and grandparents don’t need to search for their reading glasses.

Another in the “no reading glasses necessary” category is BALL by Mary Sullivan.  My son loved this book!  It’s about a dog and a little girl and the love of catch.  So sweet.




DownloadedFile-2Mordant’s Wish was the sleeper hit of this list for me.  Written and illustrated by Valerie Coursen, it is an unpredictable tale.  This earns it top points for me, as nothing is more painful for a parent than a boooooring children’s book.

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More books recommended by a 3 year old connoisseur!

bear-has-story-to-tell-p-26_27Bear has a story to tell, by Philip Christian Stead.  Described as a “sublime picture book.”  It’s so sweet.  Perfect for November story-tellin’.

DownloadedFileMonsieur Saguette and his baguette, by Frank Asch.  This guy is author to a lot of clever, fun books, but Monsieur Saguette is the BEST!!!

DownloadedFile-1Rain! by Linda Ashman.  A book to remind all us cranky grown-ups to be sweet once in awhile.  Especially to young chidren.  🙂

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